When I arrived in New York, I felt like I was tossed into the deep end of a pool without so much as a towel.
For a while, everything seemed unfamiliar and overwhelming, and I was utterly alone. My heart ached for my home planet and my people.
Gradually, I adapted to my new surroundings and began building a life here. I secured a job and made a few acquaintances, but something still felt amiss.
Then, I encountered a friend who would transform my life forever. Bola crossed paths with me a few times at the park. Initially, I hesitated to engage him, unsure if he would accept me as I am. But once we began to talk, I sensed his uniqueness. He didn't view me as an odd being from another planet; he saw me as a fellow traveler in life.
Bola confided in me about his past, explaining how he left Nigeria in pursuit of a brighter future and had to adapt to an entirely new culture and society. We quickly developed a powerful connection.
Together, we filled our free time with exploration, savoring new cuisines, and enjoying each other's company. Despite our disparate origins, we shared a great deal in common. He introduced me to his culture, while I reciprocated by sharing mine. He was the first person to truly comprehend the experience of being an alien on Earth.
Bola's unwavering support and understanding have been invaluable. He accepts me wholeheartedly, and I treasure that. As my best friend and guide on this planet, he makes everything worthwhile and I feel profoundly grateful for his presence in my life.

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