Back on my home planet, things went really bad. Our rivers dried up, and our beautiful skies turned gray. Vibrant landscapes have turned into barren wastelands, the air is toxic and resources scarce. It was like watching everything we loved just disappear.
Now, I'm living in New York on Earth, and it's like seeing the same scary movie all over again. The parallels are uncanny, and frankly, they terrify me. I see the same disregard for nature, the same blind pursuit of progress at the cost of the planet.
Earthlings, much like my people did, seem to be sleepwalking towards an abyss of their own making. The rising seas, the raging wildfires, the storms of increasing ferocity - it's like a haunting echo of my past. I've seen this story play out before, and I know how it ends.
I see young people trying to make things better, fighting for a healthier planet. That’s cool, but I still feel down about it. If only my people had tried to fix things earlier, maybe I wouldn't be here alone, wandering around a strange planet, missing home.
I go around Manhattan, watching everyone enjoying life, and I just want to tell them about my planet, how we lost everything. I'm just an alien here, but my story might help you.

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