Everywhere you go, there's people. Lots of them. But sometimes, even in a crowd, you can feel kinda... alone. That's how it's been for me here.
I remember sitting in a cafe once. It's a regular spot, nothing fancy. People were chatting, drinking coffee. But when I walked in, I got some stares. A few folks moved their chairs away a bit, and some younger guys tried to sneak a pic. It's small stuff, but it makes you feel out of place, you know?
One weekend, I decided to check out a local museum. Thought it might be a good place to blend in and learn something. As I was looking at the exhibits, a kid walked up, pointing at me and asking their mom if I was part of the exhibit.
But not everything's been like that. One time, I was walking in Central Park when it was snowing. Everything was quiet. I met this guy, and we just looked at each other. Didn't say a word. But it felt like he got it, like he knew what it felt like to be different. It was nice.
So yeah, New York's taught me something. Being alone in a place doesn't mean you're lonely. Sometimes you feel left out, but there are moments when someone, even a stranger, makes you feel like you belong. And those moments? They mean everything.

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