I am an ancient being, and with age comes the looming presence of my own mortality.
The thought of eventually ceasing to exist weighs heavily on me each day. Yet, perhaps the most profound sorrow is not having descendants—a lineage that would carry on my legacy and story.
I have seen so many incredible things in my long life. I have travelled the galaxy and witnessed wonders that would leave most beings in awe. I've seen things you wouldn't believe. I was there when the first spaceship took off from our home planet, a journey that took us to the stars and beyond. I've witnessed the birth and demise of many civilizations and set foot on countless worlds.

But now, in my advanced years, I find myself reflecting on all that I have lost. I have outlived friends, family, and even my own children. It is a lonely existence, one devoid of the comfort and joy of having someone to share my memories with.

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