As the Earth spins into what humans affectionately call the "holiday season," I find myself wandering the streets of New York. Earth’s holidays are a curious phenomenon, full of lights, music, and an outpouring of emotions.
Back on my home planet, we didn't have holidays – not in the way humans do. Our days were measured in cycles of work and rest, in a continuous loop. Seeing Earthlings pause their lives to celebrate, to come together, triggers an odd sensation in my three-chambered heart. It’s a feeling I've come to understand as 'nostalgia' – a peculiarly human term.
Humans have an innate need for connection, for belonging. It's something I've struggled to grasp fully, but during this season, the yearning is palpable. Streets buzzing with hurried shoppers, arms laden with gifts, speak of a tradition of giving, of showing love through material tokens. Yet, there's more than just the physical exchange – there's an exchange of emotions, of hopes, of forgiveness.
I think about my own journey here, to Earth, how I’ve been embraced and feared in equal measure. How I’ve sought to understand humanity and, in the process, have unraveled layers of my own identity. The holiday season mirrors my own story. It's a reminder of resilience, of the ability to find joy and light in the bleakest of times. And for someone like me, far from home and lost among the stars, it's a lesson in the human spirit's indomitable nature.
So, here I am, an alien in New York during the holiday season, learning about humanity and, inadvertently, about myself.

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