AONY is an exploration into the realms of AI and artistic expression, through image creation and storytelling.
Inspired by the remarkable work of Humans of New York and its creator, Brandon Stanton, this project aims to celebrate the universal experiences, struggles, and joy of existence.
With this collection of AI-generated images and stories, I aim to challenge not only myself but also encourage you, to confront your biases, assumptions, and preconceptions.
Join Me in This Storytelling Adventure
AONY is a celebration of life in all its forms. It's an invitation to pause, reflect, and connect with the myriad stories that surround us.
As we embark on this journey, I encourage you to share your thoughts, your stories, and your voice. Because in the end, it's not just about the stories we tell—it's about the conversations and connections they spark.
Fernando Amaral
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