Upon my arrival, I was exhilarated to immerse myself in this city and its creative community.
In my home planet art and creativity were foreign concepts, stifled by our swampy surroundings and primitive technology. The transition to New York, where artistic expression was celebrated, was a revelation. 
Working in a design studio has been a rewarding experience. My projects have included branding, packaging, and web design, which has allowed me to grow and evolve as a designer.
In the early days, everything seemed perfect. The city's energy was contagious. I attended gallery openings, marveled at the stunning street art, and even had the chance to collaborate with local artists on a mural project.
However, the rapid advancements in artificial intelligence within the industry have recently left me feeling challenged and vulnerable. Watching AI create designs with greater speed and precision than I ever could has shaken my confidence and made me question my own value as a designer. The relentless pace of AI's progress can be overwhelming, and I fear being left behind.
Through introspection and self-reflection, I've come to understand that my unique perspective, background, and experiences are invaluable. While my designs might not be generated as swiftly as those by AI, they are infused with a touch of creativity and originality that cannot be replicated by any algorithm.
In embracing my roots from my humble swamp planet, I've learned to appreciate my distinct contribution to the design world. My unique essence sets me apart and enables me to leave a mark on the creative landscape.

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