I descend from a lineage of formidable mothers.
My own mom made enormous sacrifices to ensure that I could venture to Earth and broaden my horizons. She was adamant that I explore the galaxy and expand my worldview, even if that meant parting with our home planet and traditional way of life. I'll forever be grateful to her.
Now that I'm a mother myself, I fully comprehend the sacrifices that come with the territory. I have three adorable little ones, each fathered by a different being from a different planet. All of them wished the best for their children and for me, but each had their unique reasons for not being present.
My babies are blossoming, and they're turning out more enchanting than I ever dreamed. They possess a singular blend of traits from their distinct fathers, and it's truly astounding to witness their individual personalities taking shape. They have large, expressive eyes and tender, silky skin. Their curiosity and playfulness are infectious, and the sound of their laughter and giggles warms my heart. 
Cradling my babies in this jar, I am constantly reminded that family is what we create, and I'm resolute in providing them the finest life possible.
And let me tell you, coordinating intergalactic visitation rights is like trying to corral a flock of starlings through a wormhole.

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